3 Ways to Enrich Children Before the Teenage Years

Every parent knows that their children will change from adorable little angels to vicious demons when they enter the teen years. Okay, just joking on that , maybe. All parents dread this transformation, but at the same time you know that planning ahead and training them well can limit the drama they put you through.

No matter how much you are dreading those teenaged years, there are some things you can do to keep them your little angels as long as possible. These are all things that enrich your little ones while they are still little, in hopes they will be less difficult to handle when they become big ones.
#1: Send your children to youth camp.

There are so many benefits to allowing children over the age of five to experience summer camp on a regular basis. You get a break, but the real benefits are for the children:
– They get a sense of independence, even if they do not stay overnight at camp. – They are encouraged to try new things. – They make friends and see the beauty in themselves. – They experience more success and that strengthens their self esteem. – They develop a lot more self confidence, and are able to trust themselves to make decisions.

There are many other things that children will learn from summer camp. It often is an individual learning process, such as the shy kids how suddenly comes out of his shell.
#2: Give your children fun and exciting things to do on school breaks.
One major complaint from children is that they get to do nothing but sit at home when they are not at school. Children get bored quite easily, and it does not make it any better if they have nothing to do when they are not at school with their friends. This can be a lot worse if they do not live in an area with a lot of children in the immediate neighborhood.
If you give your children something fun to do when they are not in school, you can prevent them from being bored and ending up in trouble outside of the home. One idea is to send them to youth camp. Many camps are set up just for the duration of breaks from school, and it does not have to be just over the summer break. Any break from school can be turned into an exciting learning environment.

#3: Encourage individuality and creative thinking in your children.
This is one thing that could really make a difference in how much trouble you have from your children as teenagers. One thing all children want to do is show their individuality. They want to be different from their parents and siblings. They want to be unique. If you encourage this expression of self when they are young, they will know just who they are when they get to those teenaged years. They may feel less inclined to do crazy things to express themselves or explore who they are…because they will already know who they are! Plus, they will know they are allowed to be themselves, and will not feel the need to shock you with self expression.
Your babies are going to grow up and there are going to be rough times when the hormones start kicking in. You cannot avoid it, but you can prepare for it.

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