Something for Everyone in Sensuous St Lucia

At only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide, what this small island lacks in size it more than makes up for in natural scenic beauty, a stunning landscape and a world of exciting adventures that puts St. Lucia in a league above all others.

On land, endless days can be spent through a dynamic range of activities and discovery. With the iconic Piton Mountains towering 2000 feet above, the rainforests of St. Lucia provide some of the best hiking and bird watching opportunities in the Caribbean. Parrots, giant ferns, wild orchids and brightly colored birds and butterflies flourish among the tropical plants. While you have your hiking boots on, challenge yourself for the trek to summit the Pitons where if you don’t lose your breath on the trails, you certainly will from the views along the way and from the top. The rainforest also keeps its secrets such as the Errard Waterfall. Take a mountain bike tour through the rainforest then refresh and recharge with a swim in the pool at the base of the falls. For something a little more thrilling, head up to the treetops for an aerial view of the jungle while zip lining through the canopy.

Also in the area and worth a visit is a trip to Sulphur Springs featuring the world’s only drive-in volcano. If hiking, biking, and flying from tree to tree aren’t your thing and prefer to discover the outstanding scenery at an easier pace, St. Lucia doesn’t disappoint with numerous jeep, ATV and horseback tours that still treat the senses to the vibrancy of the island without the physical exertion. If a relaxing day is in the cards yet you still want to be active, then perhaps a day of tennis or golf at one of the first class facilities on the island is in order. However you choose to occupy your days on land, the charm, beauty and splendor of St. Lucia will keep you wanting to dig deeper and discover more.

The waters around St. Lucia are the crystal clear calm waters highlighted in such films as “The Pirates of the Caribbean” and are perfect for sailing and kayaking. By day, sailing around the island is simply stunning whether it be on a party cruise, catamaran, or windsurfer. As the sun dips below the horizon, couples looking for romance should take in an evening cruise as the island takes on yet another type of magical beauty that can only be appreciated in the evening. The steep coastlines and coral reefs of the area make for excellent diving and snorkeling as the drop offs and calm waters are a haven for a bounty of marine life and dramatic wrecks. Further out off the coast, larger marine life can encountered through a leisurely whale watching tour with cocktails or for something a little more up close and personal, feel the strength of a barracuda or marlin as you board a charter for some deep sea fishing.

St. Lucia is an adventurer’s paradise and a traveler’s dream. It is a destination perfect for couples looking for romance, families looking to bond, and both nature and culture buffs. The culture of the island is as impressive and extensive as the entrancing topography. The days of the pirates are long gone but there are still forts, cannons and other landmarks dotting the country as a testament to the survival of this culturally and visually rich masterpiece.

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