Wooden Venetian Blinds  How to Install Properly

There are many different ways that you can have a great looking home. Since the window is one of the most prominent parts of the home seen from the inside and out, it is important that they look exactly the way that you want them to look. You can get great looking vertical venetian blinds as long as you are willing to take the time to seek them out. Once you have purchase wooden venetian blinds, you might want to install them yourself. This is when you will need to know the right steps to installing these great looking additions to your home.

Whenever you are ready to install these in your home, it is likely that you will need to understand the steps. First you will need to install the roller in the frame. You will then need to measure, cut and install the shades. Once installed, it will not matter whether you buy real or faux blinds. You will be able to install the blinds which will look as if they were made for your windows. You will be able to save some money without having to buy cheap blinds for your home. Your guests will be impressed that you hung your own blinds.

Install the Roller
Whenever you are buying your blinds, it is important that the roller is the right length for your window. It does not matter whether you are installing bamboo blinds or rustic looking timber blinds, if they do not reach all the way to the end of the window, they will not look right. Take the time to measure first and you will get the exact length you need. It is important to anchor the roller properly in the frame so that there will not be any sagging and you will not run the risk of the shades falling out of the window as you try to open them.

Install the Shades
Once the roller is installed, it is time to install the individual blades for your wooden venetian blinds. In general you will have several white plastic hooks which you can connect the blades to. Simply click these into place so that you will have the right look. It is important to determine whether you are buying blades which can be cut or not. Those which can be cut should be cut to the size of the window before being hung. Those which cannot be cut should be purchased at the right length so that you will have a great look in your home.

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